We hold these truths to be self-evident

Below are five tips for rightsizing your home, getting a fresh start someplace new, or a new chapter in your current home.

  1. Aim for a Simpler Life. Relationships and experiences are fare more important than materials objects.Rightsizing is liberating and makes you feel in control.
  2. Make a Plan – Sort Rooms One at a Time. If you don’t you will be overwhelmed and freeze. Organize each space with piles of gifts, keep, repurpose/donate, and discard.
  3. Gift Meaningful Items to Loved Ones. Enjoy their enjoyment now rather then in the future.
  4. Digitize Photos and Artwork. Digital files take up much less space than physical photos. Uploading photos onto a flash drive is easiest. This way, you can plug the flash drive into your computer or digital picture frame to enjoy the photos at any time.
  5. Focus On Personalization and Low Maintenance.Your goal is to have a home that is low maintenance and will accommodate your long-term needs – physically and financially.