Voice of the Customer

Thank you.

“…And by the way, I would highly recommend the services of T3 to any family or institution in the Indianapolis area in need of the type of transition services that T3 provided to our family. Brandon Roger and his staff were knowledgeable, prompt and very professional.  As I may have mentioned, when the (community) conducted the “walk through” required to terminate the lease, the (community) manager said that Mom’s apartment was in excellent condition and he complimented our family for having done such a thorough job. (Apparently it is not unusual for tenants to move out without disposing of all the items in the apartment.) The work and assistance provided by T3 made the process of vacating the apartment very smooth.  Best regards, LM”

 “I was very happy and satisfied with the entire procedure.  It made moving fun – almost!”  — Lois B.

“You are wonderful.  It is as if we have lived here for years.  I didn’t know how we would get everything out of the house and move – but you did it!  I went from rehab right into a new apartment without any hassle.” — Bob

“Your company and serviced are amazing.  I could not have done this on my own and you and your team were amazing!  I highly recommend your services and hope our paths cross again in the future.”  — Kristen R.B.

“I was told everything you’ve done for us. I can’t thank you enough. You and your company are exactly what families like ours need. We end up going through so much taking care of our parents and having to deal with their home and life decisions. Everyone needs a company like yours that knows how to push us a long and help us make those tough decisions. Thank you for everything. I will be recommending your company to everyone I know who encounters the need to care for their parents.” – Donna B.

“And you and T3 Transitions were worth every penny! There’s no way I could have done this without you.” – Elaine W.

“You and your team did a fantastic job of clearing out the rest of the house. A man of his word! I never could have done it so quickly by myself. It is quite a relief to have this part of the process behind me.” – Bennie S.

“Such a lot has been accomplished! Thank you very much for all your help. Brandon, you definitely think like a Project Manager. We appreciate the care that you took to make sure that all the details were looked after even as your task grew before your very eyes.”  — Emily D.

“…You have been a great help and I highly recommend your services to others. I was so lucky to have found you, not only for the services that you provide, but also the personal touch you put behind your work. Your, attention to detail, excellent communication and efficiency is unmatched. Best of all, you are a warm, honest and caring person and treated our stuff as if it was yours. I feel like I left things in the hands of a family member, not as a business owner. I cannot thank you enough for how well you handled this project.” — M.G.

“Separating him and my mom will be the toughest thing ever. So now comes the emotional and economic implications of that. For that reason I am glad to see the home project nearing an end so we can focus on them.”  — Markus G.

Your services are A-1” — Janet S.

…the estate sale was so well planned…good to know our things will have a good home.” — Richard and Nancy D.

“Great Service!  I’m so grateful for all your help.  You made a very difficult situation so much easier to handle.  Thank you!”  Rae K.

“From the moment we walked into our apartment, it was home.  That is thank’s to you.  Every drawer we opened was in place — it was like we were back in our home.  Taking pictures of drawers and walls before packing was a brilliant way to get things back in place.”  Dorothy M.

“…service excellence in everything you do.  We are so appreciative of the time you took to speak with us and our children in Clearwater.  Going through 42 years in the same house, raising a family there, was a task we didn’t think we could finish.  You made it so easy.  Everything has a place now, all our papers are in one box….if something were to happen to one of us, I feel more comfortable that closing this house will not be a burden. “ Anthony P.

“My brother and I didn’t know how we would be able to get through the last few weeks without T3 Transitions.  Sorting out Dad’s papers, helping us get Mom’s clothes to people who can use them, making sure the toys we had as kids got packed and sent to each off us….it was the little things you did that gave us time to grieve. “  Leo B.

“The sale was beyond our expectations and the work you all did let us sell the house within a month.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”  Harry R.

“…Honey, how did you ever find that picture?  I thought it was lost when my parents moved years ago.  The time and caring (she) took sorting and packing was worth it.  It gave me a treasure for the rest of my life.”  Judy F.

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