Traditional Transitions

Life transitions have the potential to be a touchpoint for stress & chaos.  We will do the heaving lifting and remove the weight of aging off your shoulders. 

Traditional Transitions engage elders, family, or caregivers when the decision has been made to move.  This may be the first move in decades; it could be a move from a senior community to assisted living.  Our services begin with advocacy and selection of a new community to ensuring the first night’s sleep is sound.

You receive a detailed plan and daily updates during the project.  The T3 transition team packing are the same ones who unpack and resettle.  This is important because the best space planning in the world will not resolve every issue.  They know you and will help make you comortable in your new home.

We start with a one-hour, no cost consultation to understand what is important to you, your health conditions, and finances.

Vetting a new residential community

You have made the decision to transition and move.  But, what is the right type of senior community you should choose?  Our transition team will listen and help you select a community based on (a) health status, (b) function ability, (c) family resources and ability to pay, and (d) social needs.  Once the type of senior living is selected, we will schedule appointments, provide fact sheets, and accompany you to visit each community.

Moving – Packing, Unpacking, Resettling

You are ready to move to an appropriate senior community and look around your home and just can’t imagine how you will ever pack everything!  T3 transition team specialists create a project plan that identifies each area of your home, tasks to be completed, timeline and estimated costs.

  • Inventory, sort, and identify personal and household items.
  • Manage the move – provide packers, contact and coordinate movers.
  • Liquidate belongings – estate sale, donations, consignment, and discard.
  • Sort, maintain or shred important documents.
  • Space planning for your new environment.
  • Set up your new environment as a home — unpacking, hanging, and folding.
  • Partner with your team – family, attorney, CPA, healthcare providers, trustees, realtors.

Our goal is to remove the chaos and make your move effortless.  In many cases the revenue of liquidation offsets the majority of the packing and moving costs.   In order to properly service your needs and provide a trained, efficient transition team, a three hour (3.0-hr) minimum for all projects.

Liquidation – Enhance Value Through Estate Sales, Consignment, Donation

Liquidation reduces household inventory and secures family wealth.

  • Estate Sale management, coordination, staffing
  • Consignment
  • Pack and ship items identified for family or friends
  • Donation
  • Rubbish hauling

A Repurposing Specialist arranges all donations and contributions. Every effort to find a new life for your household items is made — one that will benefit the life of our community and give value to you and your treasures.

Estate Management

Managing an individual’s affairs can be overwhelming.  This is especially true if you live outside Central Indiana or have work/family responsibilities.  Our transition team includes specialists in project management, senior services, elder law, clergy, healthcare aging, social work, and hands-on packing.  We work in partnership with realtors, lawyers, accountants, estate planners, and family members to ensure residence and household items are managed appropriately. This may include title searches, property documentation, and sorting and organizing documents uncovered in the residence.