Touchpoints & Transitions

The chaos of moving means time away from family, work, and activities you enjoy. A project manager removes that weight off your shoulders.

24-hours goes by quickly.  Now you are preparing to move.  Where does the time come from to prepare and move?  The weight of the move is overwhelming! Moving to a new residence should be exciting.  Typically it never occurs at the right time.  Initiated by a life cycle change — marriage, divorce, family addition; or a life transition — new job, graduation, job transition.  The move is simply one of a hundred other things that need to occur within the same 24-hour period you had the day before.

Q: What does a project manager do?

A: As project managers, we oversee, coordinate, and implement every aspect of your project – move, transition, secure professional movers, pack, unpack, liquidation, and even fill the fridge.

We lift the weight of moving off your shoulders.

Q:  How will this help me save time and money with moving?

A project manager is the person responsible for leading a project from its inception to execution. In your home, this includes planning, execution and managing the people, resources and scope of the project.

  • Empower a team of professionals to
    • Develop a plan based on your what you need accomplished.
    • Contact, vet, and secure third party vendors’ as needed – professional movers, hauling, and home repair. This includes negotiating price, oversight, and handling problems or issues as they arise.
    • Do the work. Pack, organize, liquidate, unpack, resettle.
  • Engage you daily in the work – provide a single invoice for payment – one integrated, combined billing and documentation.
  • Enhance your personal value – daily project reports – tasks completed, plans for the next day, billable hours versus estimated hours, photo documentation, issues.
  • Enhance your financial value – arrange for the profitable disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sale, consignment, donation, or a combination of the above.

Q: Why do I need a project manager?

A: We just get it done.

Transitioning from a home lived in for years or decades, managing the care of an elder long-distance, or trying to manage a family – job – and move can be overwhelming. A project manager does the heavy lifting, is 100% focused on your objectives, and engaged with each element of a successful plan.

Our transition team has access to an extensive array of vetted resources and has negotiated with many of the vendors needed to support your goals. Our experience at project planning and project management results in saving you time, money, and repetitious actions.

Q: Who uses T3 transitions project management?

A: Anyone crunched for time, traveling a long distance, or needs an extra set of hands. Typically, our clients feel overwhelmed, look at the task and are ‘frozen,’ or just don’t know where (or how) to start!

Typically, there is some amount of liquidation required. We make every effort to maximize the financial return on liquidated inventory to offset hourly charges of our T3 transition team.

Q: What makes T3 Transitions different?

A:  We believe it is an honor to be invited into your home.  When T3 Transitions was started, our belief was our T3 transition team should treat everyone the way we expected our mother to be treated in her home as she was aging. We wanted like those we could trust in our home when our children were young and my wife and I were both working outside the home.

Our work is designed to lighten your load; reduce the weight on your shoulders.

Q: “Sounds great; sounds expensive!”

A: Our professional objective to help you avoid the costly mistakes and remorse that often accompanies major lifestyle transitions. As a project plan is developed, the services we provide are a la carte. Estimates are written clearly and outline all aspects of the project so you understand the cost at the start. A daily summary keeps our client engaged and aware of billable hours and direct costs in real time.