Safety Security Savings: Investing in Aging In Place

Banana seat bicycle, Swanson TV dinner, Silly Putty to copy the Sunday comics, Pet Rock and/or Mood Ring, View Master

Q: Do you, like me, remember all of the above fondly as parts of our youth? 

Q: Do you or a parent(s) still have all of the above, and they are in their original packaging, you need to consider liquidation.

Q: Do you or a parent(s) have all of the above in a box stashed somewhere in the basement, attic, or closet, then we need to talk.

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are definitely a baby boomer. This means you may be serving as a caregiver for aging parents, are in the midst of retirement, or planning the next chapter of your life.

Some things, like my Apollo commemorative glasses, hold amazing memories; the pet rock still makes little to no sense to me. Boxes of old pictures and cassette tapes have sentimental value – nothing to my adult children. The angel of death is not looming at our doorpost yet and the thought of downsizing isn’t top of mind. We
have reached a moment in time where decluttering makes sense, planning for the next (and yes, last) chapter of life is important, and maintaining family wealth for our end of life and something to leave children.

We speak with individuals between 58 and 66 all the time in a similar situation. The initial call may be to help transition, liquidate, or move a parent or elder in their life. When the project has been completed, the next words spoken are, “I really need to do this at my house.”

The primary reasons for investing time and dollars now is:

  1. Maintain the safety of your home.
  2. Maintain family wealth – the value of your home.
  3. Avoid leaving a mess for your children to clean up.

Unfortunately, the task is more difficult to complete on your own then one would think. A typical project includes:

  • Documentation: Retaining the last seven years and key documents; shredding the remainder.
  • Clothing: Clearing out what doesn’t fit, will never fit, or that isn’t worn any more; box and transport for donation.
  • Children’s Bedrooms and Artifacts: Return what the family wants to keep; Retain items with great memories; Repurpose the remainder and given someone else the opportunity to create new memories.
  • Kitchen: Discard, Declutter, Keep items you use and are in good condition.
  • Closets, Basement, Attic, Garage: Liquidate, discard; declutter to create a safe environment.

Investing time and dollars before an emergency occurs creates significant gain – emotional, physical, and financial.

Our T3 Transition team will lift the weight of aging off your shoulders by developing a project plan and working that plan efficiently and effectively. Our team has been trained by legal and accounting professionals to understand what should be retained, shredded, and protected. Our transition team is adept at working with you to honor and maintain memories while creating a safe, secure environment for the next chapter in your life.