Liquidation: Creating Financial and Emotional Value

Liquidation - Estate Sale, Consignment, Auction, Repurpose

What do I do with all this stuff?  It all cost so much money!  It means so much to me!

Each life transition creates the need for liquidation of all, or a portion of, a household.  Estate Sales managed by T3 liquidation team offer exciting opportunities to find bargains on furniture, accessories, textiles, or household goods.

Our liquidation specialist guides and consults with our clients to ensure they receive the maximum value for household items.

All household items have emotional value, they may or may not provide financial value.  Our liquidation specialist offers an independent evaluation and recommendation to consign, sell, donate, or dispose of household items.  In most cases, we find the answer is a mix of all options.

  • Estate Sale. The goal is to sell everything in the home that you do not want. The public is invited to browse through everything. The sale is staged – prices clearly marketing of the event, pricing clearly marked, items displayed professionally.
  • Auction.  Obtain the most value and sell as much as possible; usually off-site.  Our staff will prepare, separate, and box all inventory and negotiate auction terms on your behalf.  Payment will be made out to the client.
  • Consignment. Items for consignment are sent to the consigner’s store for resale. Typically items are kept for a period of time; if not sold, they need to be retrieved.
  • Repurpose.Gifting of items for resale, repurposing, or use.
  • Other – Tag Sale, Antique Dealers, Private Collectors.

T3 Transitions LLC manage and conduct your estate sale.  Our liquidation team prices, stages, staffs, and handle all financial aspects of the estate sale.  In addition, our team will provide marketing support prior to the estate sale and clean-up post-sale.  We often work closely with your realtor in planning an estate sale so that we provide you financial value through the sale of household items and support the needs of your realtor in staging your home for sale.

To speak with a T3 transition specialist and develop a plan to create the greatest value for your household inventory,