Growing Old is Mandatory. Growing up is Seasonal.

Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. — Walt Disney

imagesWalt Disney was literally Peter Pan. Growing old could be a state of mind if not for the state of our bodies. During these final weeks in December, there are some families who are able to come together to consider memories of roads travelle
d while creating new memories of journey yet to be discovered.

There are some whose ays are filled with eyes closed. Their minds taking them into a world of imagination. A world in which their bodies are controlled by their brain, their surroundings are directed by their desire, and their engagements are filled with those who love them and they love.   By keeping their eyes dimmed, the world of their dreams is able to lighten their heart and lift the spirit.

This is the time of year in which the reality of our world rings louder than do those dressed in Santa hats at street corners. Heath, body, and finances are magnified in the eyes of those who care for elders. Plans are expedited, empowerment is endangered, and decisions are hastened in the name of love, safety, and family.

As the new year’s resolutions are made and the realization last year’s resolutions were not reached, many realized their hope are fading and the potential for a new chapter in the book of life is less likely. Others look forward to this chapter with anticipation and hope. We simply sit back and come to the understanding the final chapter is elusive to the author and how the story will end is still unknown – even to the greatest of all authors.

We gather to watch balls drop, corks fly, lights illumine, and children gaze in wonder as spectrums of colors pass before their eyes wrapped around boxes of all shapes and sizes. We are told it is a time to look back and bask in out accomplishments; yet, amazed at how baffled we are how the easy tasks still aren’t accomplished.

You go over the river and through the woods, down the runway and through the jet way. Step through the clutter or around the nurse’s station. Past the childlike arts and crafts or across the faux wood floor.

To grandmother’s house we go.

Once there, what will you do? What will you say?   Will you be honest with your thoughts or imagine this is like it was fifty –years ago? Growing old is mandatory. Growing up?

Perhaps, growing up is seasonal.

Happy holidays and a healthy new year.