IMG_0635Let me ask you just one more thing…

Q:  What does a project manager do?  What is elder moving, relocation, and downsizing?

A:  A project manager handles everything!

Our transition team is your advocate to ensure greatest value.  We negotiate with vendors, vet third-party vendors, sort, declutter, pack, and unpack.  As your project manager, it is our responsibility to keep you informed, ensure you are empowered, and that every step in the process is chaos-free from your perspective.  Your project manager is:

  • Trained to understand the physical, health, and emotional needs of the elder and caregiver;
  • Have the knowledge of the local market to secure the most appropriate senior community;
  • Vet third-party vendors to ensure your financial investment is minimal and secure; and
  • Focused on creating value for the elder and caregiver — financial, physical, emotional.

Q:  Are you professional movers?

A:  Our T3 transition team organizes, packs, unpacks, space plans, and manages the move.  Our team will be with you for every aspect of the project from start to finish.  We identify, negotiate, and manage the best professional movers for your specific move – typically for less than if the movers were our own employees.

  • Secure estimates for your move from professional movers who have been vetted by T3 Transitions.
  • Prepare household inventory for moving and hand carry breakable/fragile items.
  • Day of the move we are on site to ensure everything is handled properly and efficiently.  Our transition team checks boxes and household goods at the delivery site for damage.
  • If there are problems, damaged items, or concerns with the professional movers, our transition team handles it all.
  • We provide payment for the professional movers once they have completed their work — meeting our specifications.

Keep in mind that movers make money based on the amount and distance you move.  Our transition team’s objective is to help you downsize, declutter, and ensure your safety in your new residence.  There is a difference!

Q:  What makes you different from other senior movers or transition companies?

A:  We provide traditional transitions.  We offer a holistic approach to your move – from space planning and unpacking to creating a familiar environment.  We sort, pack, and declutter. We are  an elder’s advocate working with professional movers and craftsmen needed to prepare the residence for sale.

Our transition team makes us different!  The individuals who enter your residence and work alongside you or your designees are trained in project planning, sorting, and organizing. We understand the physical and emotional demands of elders.  Our team recognizes issues surrounding memory loss, dementia, aging, and loss.

Q:  Who uses your services?

A:  Elders, family members, and professionals supporting elders and their estates.    We work directly with trust officers, geriatric medicine specialists, social service personnel and senior living communities. Realtors and staging professionals utilize our services to assist the transition from one residence to another.

Q:  What are the benefits of choosing a T3 Transition Team for my project?

A:  We are professionals. Collectively, our team reflects decades of project management experience in Indianapolis and Central Indiana.  Team members are selected because of their ability and knowledge of healthy aging. We are resource rich — sharing those resources to ensure efficient and effective moves or aging in place.

Your time is precious.  Our transition team will maximize your time and get everything done.  Often, our clients tell us their wishes and then are not present when we pack or prepare for the move.

Q:  How much will this cost? Can I afford you?

A:  Each project is unique.  Services are a la carte – you select specific services needed for your transition.  Estimates are written clearly and outline all aspects of the project. Fees are charged on an hourly basis.

It begins with a free one hour consultation to better understand your needs and plans.

Q:  You say you will if the weight of aging from my shoulders.  How?

A:  Following your complimentary consultation, all options are evaluated.  A project plan, based on best practice experience, is submitted to you.  Once you select the services necessary, T3 staff work the plan.  Your safety and security are very  important; T3 is licensed and insured.  Staff recognize the stamina required to sort, pack, and oversee the heavy lifting; daily schedules are based on an individual’s ability, situation, and timeline.

Q:  Do you only work in Indianapolis and Central Indiana?

A:  We will help you relocate to Central Indiana or from Central Indiana.  Aging in place services are limited to Central Indiana.

Q:  If we live outside of Indianapolis or Central Indiana, can you manage a liquidation on our behalf in Indianapolis?

A:  Yes.  If you reside outside of Central Indiana, but the residence or estate is located within Central Indiana, we will manage the process on your behalf.  Electronic communication along with live, interactive visual communication enables you be informed and involved.