Everyone has the same concern: What if no-one wants my things?

Every client we work with shares a similar concern – What if nobody wants my things?

The family heirlooms elders have kept safe, polished, and close to their hearts are often not desired by children, grandchildren, or friends, much to the dismay of the elder. A recent article published by The Family Curator (www.thefamilycurator.com) shared a list of the cherished possessions most often asked about:

  1. Photos and Photo Albums
  2. Yearbooks, Wedding Books Scrapbooks
  3. Journals, Diaries, and Letters
  4. Military or Career Memorabilia
  5. Unique and Vintage Treasures

Absent – dining rooms sets, fine china, furniture. The timing of the gift is also suggested – as presents or gifts during the giver’s lifetime.

Matching a gift and heirloom is key.  We recommend investing the time in matching interests with items, selecting the most appropriate platform for the item, and choosing what is a treasure and what is an object.

  • Scan or digitize family pictures, 16-mm films, or videotapes. It is difficult to share pictures. Often, old films or pictures decay. Digitizing your media offers longevity, opportunity to share, and experiences you can share and comment on in real time.
  • Children and grandchildren find old yearbooks as special occasion coffee books, display items, or special items to bring out at family events.
  • Elders and Baby Boomers complain millennial have lost the ability to write a note. Handwritten notes, cards, speeches, academic, business or hobby/interest items creates a living legacy and places thoughts into words for future generations.
  • Medals, service ribbons, uniforms and other pieces that speak to our ancestor’s military service are often welcome heirlooms. Burial flags tell a story and can be displayed.
  • A pin, bracelet, or collectable becomes a treasure because of the story that it tells. Sharing the story of the item – in writing, on video, or face-to-face, makes something small a true treasure.

The dining chest or flat wear purchased and treasured for a lifetime holds special memories for the owner. It brings back a moment in time that is cherished or an investment that became a milestone in a lifetime. We regularly remind our clients (and their families), that what is typically the most meaningful is a story to be shared for generations.