Senior Couple Having Argument At Home

You find yourself buckled under with the weight of the world, lack of time, and the need to pack, sort, and transition to a new residence in a short amount of time. Typically the first issue to be debated are finding a place for someone to live and a house that is about to be sold.

Too often, the relocation thrust upon him or her, as a result of the breakup of the marriage, presents a whole host of changes. Relocation adds stress to an already overwhelming situation.

The solution is the collaboration between a transition specialist and the broker and attorney. It is important at this moment in time to have someone sorting, packing, and moving you that understand and empathizes with the situation. Most importantly, someone who is able to understand, advocate and collaborate to meet the economic, custodial and legal consequences of moving out and moving on

The lawyer whose client needs to obtain new housing should work together with the realtor to ensure that the client’s housing budget is a realistic expectation as to what he or she will be able to afford once the divorce is over. T3 Transitions is able to provide project estimates to both spouses and their representatives that reflect their individual transition and the costs associated with dissolution of the residence.

Keep in mind T3 Transitions staff will be managing a short-term move and a long-term move. Our team will customize a plan that efficiently and economically plans for:

  • New housing during the separation;
  • Transition to housing when marital residences are being sold as a consequence of a divorce;
  • Decisions to sell the family home; or
  • Decisions to sell or rent the vacation home because the parties need the income to cover the expenses now that they are supporting two primary residences on one salary.

T3 Transitions team is experienced in collaboration with professionals, serving as your advocate, and managing your transitions efficiently, economically, and focused on securing you value.